Social Commitment

Being a socially responsible business means, among other things, making a commitment to improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens. As a responsible corporate we have an obligation to our employees and our clients, as well as to society in large, to adopt a policy towards sustainable development. Through financial contributions, Mehala provides support to programs and non-profit organizations that address one or more components of community sustainability.



Education has always been the kernel of our social function.

'Avinashi Kalvi Nilayam', a school funded by Mehala for the past 10 years, provides quality education to the rural community of the Thekkalur and the surrounding villages. The school can now boast of providing education to around 1000 children.

It was Mehala’s commitment to RURAL DEVELOPMENT that saw a school being founded and funded in a village.

Mehala has also been sponsoring the higher education of students from a poor financial background. Mehala has absorbed some of the students, who were sponsored, into its fold. Many others have been assisted in finding appropriate jobs.

Mehala regularly contributes machinery to various educational institutions and also provides in-house training to students of these institutions.

Mehala has constructed a building for a reputed school in Tirupur to provide infrastructural support to education.

Mehala has sponsored an entire line of sewing machines for the garment technology lab at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore.


Rural Development

At the behest of the Punjab National Bank, Mehala has put up a training facility at Pillaiyarpatti. This training centre, which was inaugurated by the Finance Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram in April 2007, will function towards the upliftment of the rural people.

Mehala Rural

Mehala Rural

Health care

Mehala Healthcare

Mehala is in the process of starting a free Clinic for the local community and once this takes off, there will be greater contributions to Health Care.

On-road Services

Mehala has been consistently erecting shelters at bus stops and posting signboards on roads, which assists people while traveling.

Summer Refreshments

Every one knows how scorching the Indian summer can be! Mehala, from its very early days, has a tradition of providing free refreshments to the public during summer, through several booths installed at various locations in Tirupur.